Writer. He has offered courses and conferences, and literary workshops.


Jorge Torres Zavaleta was born on June 30, 1951, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In his youth he was a privileged witness of the Argentine literature of the time. His friendship with Silvina Ocampo, reader of his first works, brings him closer to Adolfo Bioy Casares, with whom he also establishes a fruitful relationship. Through them, he meets and frequents Jorge Luis Borges. His fictions, faithful testimony of our cultural identity, board mainly the fantasy genre, the historical novel and the rural literature.

His work is constituted by de novels Two breeders. The last glories (Ediciones Del Dragón, 2020), The previous owner (Indie Libros, 2019), The great indian raiding horde (Indie Libros, 2017), The summer of the quiet sun (Grupo Editor Latinoamericano, 2009), The voices of the kingdom (Editorial Victoria Ocampo, 2003), The night you love me (Editorial Emecé, 2000), The house on the plain (Editorial Atlántida , 1993) and The first journey (Editorial Emecé, 1986); the volumes of stories Ixion and other fantastic tales (Grupo Editor Latinoamericano, 2016), The dangerous edge (Grupo Editor Latinoamericano 2015), Memories of the wind (Grupo Editor Latinoamericano, 2011), To hunt a tiger (Grupo Editor Latinoamericano, 2008), The summer palace (Grupo Editor Latinoamericano, 1989), The man of the sixth day (Editorial Orión, 1977); and his essay Bioy Casares or the island of consciousness (Editorial Sur, 2014).



Throughout his career he has earned prestigious awards (such as the Municipal Prize, the National Endowment for the Arts and the Torch Foundation distinction) and outstanding international scholarships (such as the Cité des Arts in Paris and the Writing Program of Iowa University).

He has also served as a jury for several competitions, including the Fortabat, La Nación and Adolfo Bioy Casares Awards, the Carmen Gándara Story Contest and the Necochea Festival of Letters.


Since 1983 he conducts literary workshops and teaches seminars about the narrative of the twentieth century in various institutions. He served as a professor at the University of San Andrés, the South Academy and the Argentine University of the Company (UADE).

He has also worked as a journalist at La Nación newspaper and coordinated the Literary Commission of the Argentine Council for International Relations. He is currently a member of the board of directors of the South Foundation and is vice president of the PEN Argentina Center.

CARI 1990

´In this strange symmetry where chance is always rigorous and destiny is always unpredictable, the failed meeting has, curiously, its rigid laws and characters move and trace the mysterious drawing of unreality. In the plot of the irreversible, reality does not exist, has not existed, will not exist’. On The house on the plains.

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