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Two breeders: The last glories
20 May, 2020
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29 March, 2021

Jorge Torres Zavaleta does not stop working. Very soon he will launch a work in English entitled “Selected Stories”.

The anthology brings together 24 stories from his six narrative books: “The Man of the Sixth Day” (Orión, 1977), “The Summer Palace” (GEL, 1989), “Hunt a Tiger and Other Stories” (GEL, 2008) , “Memories of the wind” (GEL, 2011), “The dangerous edge” (GEL, 2015) and “Ixxión and other fantastic tales” (GEL, 2016).

“Jorge Torres Zavaleta has been characterized by delineating imaginary territories, an image of that singular history configured by the ranches and towns of the Argentine countryside that, at the same time, refract and capture the real and contemporary world in a deeply meaningful synthesis, without condescending therefore to realism”. Cristina Piña

“To read the stories of Jorge Torres Zavaleta is to abstract oneself from everyday reality and enter a world of horrors and tragedies that is paradoxically poetic and captivating. Through the use of a fantastic allegory, the author expresses his concern regarding the origin and destiny of the world, and of Man; these tales contribute to raising fantastic literature in the ranks of writing”. Clarín